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Busy, More Cards

Making more cards:

Coming Ashore From the Coast…

of chocolate chip island. Having fun with scraps and collage here.

mermaid girl

Seeds for My Garden? A Trip to the Market.


Can I just say that the price of food blew my socks off today?

I spent only about fifty bucks. I forgot bread. Didn’t get juice. I skipped the ground turkey and organic beans. They were out of rice cakes and the fancy ice cream that petman likes. I just got basic, basic stuff, hardly anything. Bananas, usually 39¢ per pound, were 59¢. What’s going on? Is this all due to the high price of diesel?

Whatever it is, it’s not working with my budget.

I’m going to plant the garlic in hopes of getting lots of garlic. It’s too precious too eat.

Monsters for sale in my Etsy Shop!

one-eyed monsterIt’s been another really creative week here. I’ve been making things with monster images.

Over-extending myself has had interesting benefits. I’ve finally been sleeping deeply enough to have weird dreams. Some of them have featured interesting characters, some of which have been big, hairy monsters.

The monsters in my dreams sometimes go food shopping, meet for coffee, or gather in bars for drinks. They have jobs, they go skating, they don’t wear ties.

No, I don’t watch TV.

Yay! Spring is finally on it’s way!

purple bunny card setI’m in the mood for SPRING! So I made up some springy bunny cards and stuck them in my Etsy Shop!

It’s still kinda cold here in the New Jersey swamp, but the crocuses have started coming up. I know that winter is finally on it’s way out! With every springtime perennial that dares to poke it’s way through the mud in my garden, I feel that usual surge of inspiration and creativity that I always feel this time of year.

Hope it’s contagious!

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