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Awaiting Spring

Inspirations for Color

allergy trees

The inspiration for my color palette comes from here:


What is THIS?

It’s about the height of a lilac bush. The flowers have a nice fragrance. It’s in bloom now (in NJ) and doesn’t bloom again till next year. Pink blossoms. Not an azalea. Beautiful, but not in any of my plant books.

Know what it is? Tell me.

Mystery Plant

On a Cold, Dreary, Supposedly Spring Day


The Chives Have Arrived

chives in my gardenSpent part of this afternoon, when Special Agent M got home from school, cleaning in the garden. Today was one of those perfect spring days, with abundant sunshine and summer teaser temps. I took the opportunity to clean the piles of leaves that pass for mulch out of the beds of my herb garden. I’ve still got a month until I can plant basil and tomatoes. There are some odd looking plants (peppers?) springing from my compost dump. Cleared away one pile of leaves and found young, very fragrant oregano. Next to it, CHIVES!

Omelets anyone? Maybe chive and cheese biscuits?

Self Portrait: Running Is Not For Me

self portrait after runningThis afternoon, when I went to get Special Agent M from school, I realized I’d forgotten my keys and I hightailed it back. I wasn’t sure if Pet-man was staying or taking off. This delayed me somewhat and I wound up running most of the way to school, so as not to be late. Much different than my usual extremely brisk walking. No, I was not wearing inappropriate footwear for the activity.

It brought back not-so fond memories of gym in grade school days, when they would force us to run. The teacher would say, “If you feel like yer gonna throw up, that’s good!” I hurled every time we ran. It was not good. I did not enjoy it.

I didn’t hurl yesterday (probably because I hadn’t eaten), but I did not enjoy the nauseous feeling. It did, however, give me a greater admiration for those who do run. More accurately, I was thinking, “Why do people enjoy this type of self-punishment?”

Do you run? Why? What do you like about it?

Calendar Says Spring…

weather says otherwise. Someone should tell the birds. They’re busy singing opera.

Yay! Spring is finally on it’s way!

purple bunny card setI’m in the mood for SPRING! So I made up some springy bunny cards and stuck them in my Etsy Shop!

It’s still kinda cold here in the New Jersey swamp, but the crocuses have started coming up. I know that winter is finally on it’s way out! With every springtime perennial that dares to poke it’s way through the mud in my garden, I feel that usual surge of inspiration and creativity that I always feel this time of year.

Hope it’s contagious!

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