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Bike Basket Wednesday

Wanna Play?

While I Was…

busy doing more important things. The ghost of Jackson Pollack attacked my computer.  Special art created by emerging artist, Agent M. Her medium this week is Alphababy. I recommend it if you have little people who like to touch your computer.

"Rainbow Stuff" by Agent M

What is THIS?

It’s about the height of a lilac bush. The flowers have a nice fragrance. It’s in bloom now (in NJ) and doesn’t bloom again till next year. Pink blossoms. Not an azalea. Beautiful, but not in any of my plant books.

Know what it is? Tell me.

Mystery Plant

New Sketchbook

Here’s what I did to the cover:

moleskine 1
moleskine 2
moleskin 3
moleskine 4

A friend who knows I eat sketchbooks for lunch bought me a Moleskine, my first. I have to admit that it’s nicer than what I would normally buy for myself. The format is different, landscape. Not the little 4×6 spiral type I’ve been using for the past 10 or so years. I don’t know if I can handle the elegance. I mean, if I get to like it, is it gonna make me want to dress better too?

Taking it on a test run to Beantown this weekend. If it doesn’t behave, ejector seat on I-95.

IMT: Envelope

Envelope with Kitties

Back in the days when I had more time, all the correspondence I sent was heavily illustrated.  I usually repeated certain themes.  My friends and family used to look forward to receiving stuff with original art on it.  I still decorate my envelopes, but differently.

Worried Cat With Floral Wallpaper

wallcat.jpgA neighbor has two orange kitties. Sometimes we see them in the window when we walk past. I saw them about a week ago and can’t stop seeing little cartoon movies of them in my mind.

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