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My yard is fermenting. It smells like a winery. The weather here has been delightful and my office windows are always open. The aroma from outside is intoxicating. Next year, I need to figure out how to bottle it. It’s kind of distracting, but in a very good way.

Backyard sweetness

Happy 125th Brooklyn Bridge!

brooklyn bridge

What is THIS?

It’s about the height of a lilac bush. The flowers have a nice fragrance. It’s in bloom now (in NJ) and doesn’t bloom again till next year. Pink blossoms. Not an azalea. Beautiful, but not in any of my plant books.

Know what it is? Tell me.

Mystery Plant

New Sketchbook

Here’s what I did to the cover:

moleskine 1
moleskine 2
moleskin 3
moleskine 4

A friend who knows I eat sketchbooks for lunch bought me a Moleskine, my first. I have to admit that it’s nicer than what I would normally buy for myself. The format is different, landscape. Not the little 4×6 spiral type I’ve been using for the past 10 or so years. I don’t know if I can handle the elegance. I mean, if I get to like it, is it gonna make me want to dress better too?

Taking it on a test run to Beantown this weekend. If it doesn’t behave, ejector seat on I-95.

Agent M Speaks:

agent m speaks about Death Valley

I’ve been thinking about Death Valley too, but my memories are different:

Death Valley

I’ve only been there in summer months (wearing a hat and tons of sunblock) and I’ve come to think of Death Valley as one of the few places I didn’t feel cold. I must have been a cat in another life. I seek heat.

Last years trip was the first time we took Agent M there. We’d driven from Bakersfield, CA and Petman thought we’d “just pass through” on our way to Vegas. The air in our rental car couldn’t keep up with the excessive heat and neither could Agent M. We wound up stopping at a supermarket in Pahrump to try to cool her off and get some liquids back into her.

Strangely, I miss it. Maybe it’s just the wanderlust kicking in again.

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