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A Day Out with the Family

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Last night I attended my high school reunion. It was an educational experience. 

Here’s what I learned:

  1. I’m still an art dweeb and that may still be bad.
  2. You can pick up exactly where you left off 25 years ago,
    but only with other art dweebs.
  3. The water under the bridge has dried up.
  4. Burnouts and jocks still don’t sit together.
  5. No buffet event is worth $86.
  6. Time is not the great equalizer.
  7. Do not give the mic to an individual who has been drinking was thought of as a jerk in high school.

I did not invent the dialogue below, nor did I embellish the womans garment.
All was as it transpired.

Autism Speaks Walk

For Alex.


Nomahegan Park. Cranford, NJ.

Remote Office

Beach Peeps at Hooky Sand

beach people

Beach Day

pregnant thong bikini

Night Game

Patriots vs. Bluefish

What is THIS?

It’s about the height of a lilac bush. The flowers have a nice fragrance. It’s in bloom now (in NJ) and doesn’t bloom again till next year. Pink blossoms. Not an azalea. Beautiful, but not in any of my plant books.

Know what it is? Tell me.

Mystery Plant

Seeds for My Garden? A Trip to the Market.


Can I just say that the price of food blew my socks off today?

I spent only about fifty bucks. I forgot bread. Didn’t get juice. I skipped the ground turkey and organic beans. They were out of rice cakes and the fancy ice cream that petman likes. I just got basic, basic stuff, hardly anything. Bananas, usually 39¢ per pound, were 59¢. What’s going on? Is this all due to the high price of diesel?

Whatever it is, it’s not working with my budget.

I’m going to plant the garlic in hopes of getting lots of garlic. It’s too precious too eat.

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