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Good Friday

Belt Parkway

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Better Than If I Drew It

New York was sunny and gorgeous, while New Jersey remained gloomy.

I was on my way back to Penn station from Lubin House. I’d gone there to review senior illustration portfolios for Syracuse University. I saw people I haven’t seen in ages. Some who were my instructors and some who were colleagues (I was a visiting instructor there). It was great just to talk, about art, technology, curriculum, the future and how students learn.

Great inspiration. Learning doesn’t ever stop, unless you let it. Don’t. Keep going.

Gone Soho

Took the train into Penn. Rode the E to W. 4th, F to B’way-Lafayette. Shuffled down Broadway, stopping here and there, to PATH @ World Trade. Still have a hard time going there. Did you know they don’t allow you to take pictures there? Did you know that if you use your fare card for more than three people (you know, like, for your extended family), the police ask you a million questions? The New York City of my youth is gone. The pretzels aren’t even the same. Oddly, they’re larger.

Played Hooky

I was drawing today (but you have to wait for me to color it). My cousin called this morning. On a moments notice Agent M and I took our sketchbooks, via train out to Yankee Stadium. It was my first big league ballgame (I know, I know) and Agent M’s as well (because she’s only six). The kid’s gonna think it’s normal to go see ballgames once a week!

I’ve read in the papers about the Yankees playing the Mets, but never actually seen it. It was INCREDIBLE! The Mets won (with a grand slam). Part of a make-up game that wound up being and double header. I can’t imagine what will happen tonight out at Shea (Mets vs. Yanks).  Can they do it twice? Holeeeeee COW!

Yankees vs. Mets

Inspiration is Here

A plant takes a ride uptown on the subway.

subway reality

Scene from Lunch in NYC


Image From a Journey To a Faraway Place


IF: Pet Peeves

Being a parent has made me hypersensitive to the abundance of foul language spoken (often loudly) amongst the general public. I know my very observant youngster is probably taking notes on possible spellings, correct usage, who it will offend most, how loud to scream it in a place of worship, etc.


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