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Fear of Clowns with WIDE Smiles

evil clown

being chased by bozo

Seeds for My Garden? A Trip to the Market.


Can I just say that the price of food blew my socks off today?

I spent only about fifty bucks. I forgot bread. Didn’t get juice. I skipped the ground turkey and organic beans. They were out of rice cakes and the fancy ice cream that petman likes. I just got basic, basic stuff, hardly anything. Bananas, usually 39¢ per pound, were 59¢. What’s going on? Is this all due to the high price of diesel?

Whatever it is, it’s not working with my budget.

I’m going to plant the garlic in hopes of getting lots of garlic. It’s too precious too eat.

IF: Wrinkles

GrandmaIn the last week I’ve been thinking about my sweet grandmother, and how odd it still seems not to have her around. It’s been several years. Sometimes, I’ll pass her exit on the Belt (I could still get there blindfolded) and think that she’s still there. Maybe, she’s just been on vacation all this time. Now, she’s waiting for me to come take her to the diner or to hang out and help cook. Matzah balls, gefilte fish, chicken soup. When it wasn’t Passover, sometimes we’d make kreplach. Everyone worked together, sometimes upstairs at my aunt’s apartment. It was like an assembly line of food.

She lived down the street from a firehouse. The windows in the apartment were always open and the sirens from the trucks seemed to echo through the streets constantly. When I was younger, I thought the whole town must be on fire, all day, everyday. It sure smelled like it.

Then, my grandfather told me that the smell came from the burning garbage in the incinerator.

Bluetooth Monkeys

Bluetooth Monkeys

IF: Pet Peeves

Being a parent has made me hypersensitive to the abundance of foul language spoken (often loudly) amongst the general public. I know my very observant youngster is probably taking notes on possible spellings, correct usage, who it will offend most, how loud to scream it in a place of worship, etc.


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