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Watching You

New desktop:

What You Need to Know

Ojos De Los Huevos

Perhaps it was severe allergies that inspired this, perhaps it was stress, I can’t say for sure.

I do well with pressure. When I’m juggling many things, I often volunteer to juggle even more. I like it and would rather be super busy than idle. I write all my tasks on my to-do list to make sure I don’t miss anything. During these moments, my random cartoon thoughts get more frequent and decidedly outer-limits. Words with pictures. Movie posters in my head.

lady with egg eyes

My color palette. Plastic coated paper plates. Dollar stores sell them. Perhaps you have some left over from that party you had in 1983. The kind with a dreadful design. I used to spend so much money on those fancy disposable palettes from the art supply places. As much as the whole concept of “disposable” does not fit with my trying to produce less waste, acrylics demand a surface that can be tossed out.

palette 05/21/08

New Sketchbook

Here’s what I did to the cover:

moleskine 1
moleskine 2
moleskin 3
moleskine 4

A friend who knows I eat sketchbooks for lunch bought me a Moleskine, my first. I have to admit that it’s nicer than what I would normally buy for myself. The format is different, landscape. Not the little 4×6 spiral type I’ve been using for the past 10 or so years. I don’t know if I can handle the elegance. I mean, if I get to like it, is it gonna make me want to dress better too?

Taking it on a test run to Beantown this weekend. If it doesn’t behave, ejector seat on I-95.

IMT: Envelope

Envelope with Kitties

Back in the days when I had more time, all the correspondence I sent was heavily illustrated.  I usually repeated certain themes.  My friends and family used to look forward to receiving stuff with original art on it.  I still decorate my envelopes, but differently.

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