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As Seen in Suburban New Jersey

On a traffic signal post (amid all the other signs of the times). Nowhere near the Los Angeles International Airport and pointing east, instead of west. Very odd.


Fighting Asparagus

Based on a mysterious conversation with Agent M:

fighting asparagus

IF: Wrinkles

GrandmaIn the last week I’ve been thinking about my sweet grandmother, and how odd it still seems not to have her around. It’s been several years. Sometimes, I’ll pass her exit on the Belt (I could still get there blindfolded) and think that she’s still there. Maybe, she’s just been on vacation all this time. Now, she’s waiting for me to come take her to the diner or to hang out and help cook. Matzah balls, gefilte fish, chicken soup. When it wasn’t Passover, sometimes we’d make kreplach. Everyone worked together, sometimes upstairs at my aunt’s apartment. It was like an assembly line of food.

She lived down the street from a firehouse. The windows in the apartment were always open and the sirens from the trucks seemed to echo through the streets constantly. When I was younger, I thought the whole town must be on fire, all day, everyday. It sure smelled like it.

Then, my grandfather told me that the smell came from the burning garbage in the incinerator.

Agent M Speaks:

agent m speaks about Death Valley

I’ve been thinking about Death Valley too, but my memories are different:

Death Valley

I’ve only been there in summer months (wearing a hat and tons of sunblock) and I’ve come to think of Death Valley as one of the few places I didn’t feel cold. I must have been a cat in another life. I seek heat.

Last years trip was the first time we took Agent M there. We’d driven from Bakersfield, CA and Petman thought we’d “just pass through” on our way to Vegas. The air in our rental car couldn’t keep up with the excessive heat and neither could Agent M. We wound up stopping at a supermarket in Pahrump to try to cool her off and get some liquids back into her.

Strangely, I miss it. Maybe it’s just the wanderlust kicking in again.

Self-Portrait of Cooked Vampire

sunburnI went to a funeral yesterday. It was held graveside. It was a beautiful, very sunny day. I hadn’t thought to take a hat (as I usually do during summer months) or apply sunblock to any place other than my face. Oops. I wasn’t exactly thinking about my sensitivity to the sun at the moment anyway.

I was thinking about Dave, a really nice guy, who’d passed away very unexpectedly. His kids and grandkids gave beautiful eulogies. I just remember him as a cool dude and I know he will be missed by many people. He touched alot of lives.

The stuff I used on my face is actually a daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15. One of the best I’ve tried, and one I’d recommend if you are prone to sunburn.

Hat season has officially begun. Perhaps it’s also time to switch to the SPF 30 stuff.

Dream – April 22, 2008

SI dream

Bluetooth Monkeys

Bluetooth Monkeys

Self Portrait: Running Is Not For Me

self portrait after runningThis afternoon, when I went to get Special Agent M from school, I realized I’d forgotten my keys and I hightailed it back. I wasn’t sure if Pet-man was staying or taking off. This delayed me somewhat and I wound up running most of the way to school, so as not to be late. Much different than my usual extremely brisk walking. No, I was not wearing inappropriate footwear for the activity.

It brought back not-so fond memories of gym in grade school days, when they would force us to run. The teacher would say, “If you feel like yer gonna throw up, that’s good!” I hurled every time we ran. It was not good. I did not enjoy it.

I didn’t hurl yesterday (probably because I hadn’t eaten), but I did not enjoy the nauseous feeling. It did, however, give me a greater admiration for those who do run. More accurately, I was thinking, “Why do people enjoy this type of self-punishment?”

Do you run? Why? What do you like about it?

A Day at the Museum

Lice Epidemic?


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