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Gallery Show!

Come out and see art! Have drinks and snacks! Meet artists!

Even if you’re terrified of typical gallery fare like wine and cheese, you should come anyway. Click on the image for directions. Once you get there, the gallery is upstairs. Use the staircase immediately to your left, just past the inside front door. The Westerhoff School of Music and Art is easy to get to and there’s tons of parking.

Post-Thanksgiving Bike Ride

Join Sustainable Metuchen for a fun ride around town!

More information here:
Pedal off the pie post-Thanksgiving bike ride – Sustainable Metuchen (Metuchen, NJ) –


I’ll be out on Main Street again tonight (weather permitting) for the final night of Metuchen’s Junebug ArtFest. Look for me near Alessio/George’s Dry Cleaning.  Many thanks to Maria of Metuchen Travel for giving me such great  exposure for the last three weeks in the window of her shop! June is almost over, but it’s been a great month, with tons of art! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

Window Shopping

Come See Me!

This Friday, June 12th, from 8-8:30pm, I will be at the Westerhoff School of Music and Art in Metuchen, NJ. I will probably have sketchbooks and assorted art goodies with me. Come by and say hi!

The “Meet the Artist” events are a part of Metuchen’s monthlong Junebug Arts Festival, which happens every Friday night in June.

Make Way for the Mermaid Parade

Have you heard of it?

Every year in June, in Coney Island, NY there is a Mermaid Parade!

I remember going to Coney as a kid, with my parents, but alas there were no mermaids then. Just a half-defunct boardwalk and amusement park. Maybe folks just didn’t know how to have a good time back then. They were too busy wearing polyester suits, bad sideburns and gameshow hairdos.

Do you live near NYC? Did you ever dream of being a mermaid? Well then, let’s go! We can all be mermaids for a day!

I know it’s barely April, it’s dreary and June is a long way off, but we can dream, can’t we?

NYC Night!

I went to a Parsons alumni event last night. It was held in the main gallery at Society of Illustrators. I saw many people I knew, both from S.I. and school. Others looked familiar, and I think they may have been some of my former students.

Things are changing in the world of illustration. That’s not news to me, but it was great to hear other illustrators (who aren’t the ones I have coffee or beer with) talking about it too. Since I became a mom, I don’t pop in to the city all the time the way I used to (yet). Last night brought it all back. It was an inspiring way to top off a really tasty, creative week.

The true highlight, of course, was the adventure of getting there. There are some aspects of the commute that I do not miss. Well, sort of:

subway sketch

I need to get out more.
Excitement level: 9 million times better than doing laundry.

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