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Completely Honest

Nonlinear Girl tagged me for a meme. If you haven’t seen her blog, you should, because she’s very real and often very funny. The rules go like this: I say 10 honest things about myself and then tag 7 people to do the same. Ready? Here goes:

1. Yesterdays sketch and todays sketch are half done. Still sitting on my dining room table, which has become my new drawing table. I need to finish them and clean the table, which has become a huge monument to paper recyclables.

2. I have chromes in my office that I never returned to a client. They’re from a job I did back in the 80s. The client never asked for them and I’m not sure what to do with them. I wouldn’t know where to send them.

3. I cringe when I look at pictures of myself from late 1999 through late 2008, and I think of those as “the bad hair years”. If my hair ever looks that bad again, I expect you to tell me.

4. I love summer more than ever now because it allows me to spend more time with Agent M. She is truly the best playmate I’ve ever had and her fashion sense is way better than my own. Yeah, she’s seven. What of it?

5. I try to ride my bike everyday. Some days I ride to run local errands, some days just to ride (and get off my um, whatever). It helps me focus and organize my thoughts. Plus I love being able to smell everything in all the different places I ride through. Saving money on gas is kind of nice too.

6. I eat things that are good for me and I like them. I always have. This doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally eat things that aren’t good for me. I like those too.

7. Right this second, I’m listening to an Italian radio station over the internet. It reminds me of the way radio used to be, back when it was good.

8. I don’t usually get tagged for memes, but that’s probably because I tend not to write things. I’m not a writer, but occasionally I’ve been paid to write things. Usually by someone who is convinced I write well. My elementary school teachers would be very surprised.

9. I live near train tracks and I love the sound of the trains, because it reminds me of a dead-end street in Brooklyn.

10. The bus comes soon, to spit Agent M back out. I am sure there will be homework. I will draw and paint while she does her work. However, what I really want to do is grab her and go hike the Greenway, to look for butterflies. It might be less buggy today.

You are tagged:

1. Sarah and the Goon Squad was one of the first blogs I read. Before I really understood what a blog was.

2. I am bossy tells it like it is, with an uproariously good sense of humor.

3. This Full House mystifies me with her ability to juggle everything and make it look effortless.

4. Sarcastic Mom, for her wit and inspiring photos.

5. I Feel It Too, because she’s evolved since the 80s in a very good way.

6. Tommy Kane‘s beautiful posts serve to remind me that I should get out there and draw.

7. Queen of Spain I’ve gotten ideas, nodded in sympathy and learned a whole lot from this politically tuned-in mom.

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