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I was tagged by StacyKass. Here are “Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me.”

1. That scar on my top lip is from getting kicked with an ice skate. It happened when I was a teenager and once I got it to stop bleeding, I laced up my skates and got out on the ice anyway. I loved to skate then and I still do.

2. I don’t like soda. However, I have been known to make exceptions to that rule for Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, but only while eating deli.

3. The only thing I ever won in my life was three coupons to Friendly’s for winning first place in a sidewalk chalk art contest when I was eleven.

4. As a child, I played violin, viola and piano. People told me I was good at it. I gave it up in order to have more time to draw. Periodically, I walk past a piano and I still want to play.

5. The wildest summer I’ve had as a freelancer was spent building elaborate centerpieces for over-the-top fundraising parties in the Los Angeles area, while simultaneously working as an animator. I didn’t sleep, but it’s one of the few juggling strategies I truly miss. That was 1990 and I still have dreams that I am climbing on Dave’s multi-plane motion control camera (because it was the only way to reach stuff) or building huge balloon arches for Shelly.

6. I played soccer, on several teams, as a kid. To this day I wonder who thought it would be a good idea, as I am truly unskilled at soccer. Playing more, does not necessarily make one a better player. I detested it.

7. I am not sorry I stepped on that jellyfish repeatedly in Wildwood when I was four. It was very dead. I will never forget the cool, squishy, resiliency of it on a hot summer day. It looked like crystal clear jello and the smell of the ocean was everywhere.

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