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Recently sprung from the oven, honey cake.


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Fresh Produce

September always makes me think of apples. I don’t know if it has to do with the whole school thing, or the fact that there are so many more varieties coming into the stores this time of year. They always make me think of starting fresh.

Twin Towers

This image was from one of several Brooklyn Bridge shoots I did over a few years

I remember when they were built. My dad talked about how tall they were.
I remember my grandpa telling me about how they swayed a bit on windy days, while he was delivering mail to the upper floors in the early ’70s when they were brand new.
I remember the observation deck with my mom and brothers, when they still let you go outside. I thought my ponytails were going to blow off my head, but it was worth it just to be so high up.
I remember seeing them from the windows in college and again from the windows while I was teaching.
I remember the office for the travel agency there.
I remember visiting Val at some bank in the North Tower and meeting with Mr. Press in the art department of Port Authority.
I remember countless illustrations I did of the New York skyline, which of course, always included them.
I remember passing through every time I went to a meeting, when the Graphic Artists Guild had its offices on John Street.
I remember tearing like a madwoman through the deserted streets of the financial district, late at night, weighed down with sketchbooks and portfolios. I raced toward those beautiful, silvery monoliths (and the PATH trains) so I could make it to Newark before I missed the last train.
I remember seeing them from the train, at night, on Monday, September 10, 2001. I was on my way home from a board meeting.
I remember that following morning, when I was supposed to go back in for some more meetings. 

Everything changed.

The following week, classes resumed. In my classroom, with the great southern exposure, we kept the shades down. None of us could bear to look…


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