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Main Street Mystery

This is Main Street in the opposite direction of the train station. This is Main Street before it smelled funny. We were walking back, towards the train station, when we noticed the smell that we thought had come from the wheeled garbage barge on 27. It was following us?  No. A truck lost part of it’s load under the train overpass.

Manure everywhere. “Stinky!”, said Agent M.

Living in a small town is fun.


Shopping Trip

Shopping always fills my head with more ideas. Every time I travel somewhere, I go to the local market. Some that I thought were most aesthetically interesting have been in Germany and California. My favorite in New Jersey is Wegmans. Fresh produce there comes in a close second to California. Plus, there is an attention to design that I haven’t seen in other moderately priced markets here. Food shopping should be a sensory experience, not a dreaded chore.

Wanna Play?

Hot Wax Nightmare

My coworkers had big hair, spiky hair. It was the 80s.

I Know You’re There

Allentown and Other Thoughts

I’ve gotten very used to the Moleskine sketchbook. (Neal, you spoil me!) I haven’t tried wet, wet media in it yet. I don’t know how the pages will handle it. Soak? Bleed? Fall apart?

When I’m on the road, I usually take a small set of watercolour paints with me. They don’t require a sink, a jar of water will do just fine. It’s too difficult to drag the acrylics and mediums with me if I’m flying. Too much of a pain to deal with clean-up on the run. Rethinking supplies. Perhaps take colored pencils, maybe oil pastels to get the intense colors I love so much. Maybe some toxic spray to seal it all?

I should probably put this much thought into wardrobe…

Panic Dream

The Reason for Bad Behavior

You have headache? You had a tantrum? Your shoes don’t fit? There’s a pile of tomato sauce in the middle of the kitchen floor?

The pencil keeps breaking? Who let the mosquitoes in? How many bites?

The blisters? The sunburn? Hives?

Blame it on the moon.


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