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While I Was…

busy doing more important things. The ghost of Jackson Pollack attacked my computer.  Special art created by emerging artist, Agent M. Her medium this week is Alphababy. I recommend it if you have little people who like to touch your computer.

"Rainbow Stuff" by Agent M

Put On a Dress

real girl in a dress



Maybe Reason to Become a Vegetarian

What’s in your chicken? I’ve prepared mine different ways, but never like this.


Doing Something to Make a Difference

Walk for Hope. People getting together to walk, raise money for research, raise awareness, promote mammograms. I was one of over one thousand participants (some were breast cancer survivors) who walked four miles in 90-something degree heat. The police and ems were there to help those who needed it and keep us safe. The fire department sprayed us with water for a cool-down at the halfway point. Various sponsors were there with cold drinks and yummies. (Thank you!) It was very exciting to be a part of something that big. Many thanks to the special people (you know who you are) who sponsored me.

the walkers

Agent M and Grandma Sheila cheered us on at the one-mile mark. I walked for Jill and Rosie, who survived. I thought about Lucille and Kim Yale, who didn’t.

my number

Special thanks from me to Banana Boat. This product has performed beyond my expectations. They’re not kidding, waterproof, sweatproof, kidproof, mommyproof. Great stuff.

Alternate Days

days of the week

Non-medical Explanations



fairy jewels?

Favorite People to Draw

Karen Sugarpants tweeted something this morning that reminded me that I haven’t drawn any Amy Winehouses yet this week. Ms. Winehouse is a great subject. A walking cartoon. I hope she gets what she needs, because I’d like her to be around a good long time, so I can keep drawing her.

Amy Whinehouse doodle

I know it’s just a doodle. We are experiencing technical difficulties as we await the arrival of a new scanner.


Early Bloomer

Here is a purple coneflower that can’t wait. Every year they’ve gotten earlier and earlier. They used to bloom in mid-august. I don’t think it’s due to global warming. I think it’s because of the extended chilly spring that we had here. The plants are mighty confused.

early purple coneflower

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