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Thanks Edie B!

Our kids were baffled and giving us strange looks. Maybe we embarrassed them, but what else are you supposed to do when the organ starts playing a tune you know? Sing (LOUD), of course!

Lauren and Edie sing it!

Played Hooky

I was drawing today (but you have to wait for me to color it). My cousin called this morning. On a moments notice Agent M and I took our sketchbooks, via train out to Yankee Stadium. It was my first big league ballgame (I know, I know) and Agent M’s as well (because she’s only six). The kid’s gonna think it’s normal to go see ballgames once a week!

I’ve read in the papers about the Yankees playing the Mets, but never actually seen it. It was INCREDIBLE! The Mets won (with a grand slam). Part of a make-up game that wound up being and double header. I can’t imagine what will happen tonight out at Shea (Mets vs. Yanks).  Can they do it twice? Holeeeeee COW!

Yankees vs. Mets

Night Game

Patriots vs. Bluefish

I Wear These Colors…

because they look good on me.


Not Commonly Known About NJ

The Jersey Devil


Guest post from Agent M:
When mommy was younger and even sillier, she kept a plastic banana in her car (it was a prop from her work days). At traffic lights, she would pretend to have phone conversations using the banana instead of a cell. She said hardly anybody had cellphones back then, but I don’t believe her. Everyone knows that we’ve always had cellphones…

I made this myself.



My yard is fermenting. It smells like a winery. The weather here has been delightful and my office windows are always open. The aroma from outside is intoxicating. Next year, I need to figure out how to bottle it. It’s kind of distracting, but in a very good way.

Backyard sweetness

Study For a Painting

business monkey

Garden Pests

Every year I get unwanted visitors to my garden. They like to party in the flower beds. They’re flamboyant. At night you can practically hear them sliming everything up and slowly killing the pretty flowers. Go elsewhere, I say!

Mr. Slug

Coming Ashore From the Coast…

of chocolate chip island. Having fun with scraps and collage here.

mermaid girl

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