Seeds for My Garden? A Trip to the Market.


Can I just say that the price of food blew my socks off today?

I spent only about fifty bucks. I forgot bread. Didn’t get juice. I skipped the ground turkey and organic beans. They were out of rice cakes and the fancy ice cream that petman likes. I just got basic, basic stuff, hardly anything. Bananas, usually 39¢ per pound, were 59¢. What’s going on? Is this all due to the high price of diesel?

Whatever it is, it’s not working with my budget.

I’m going to plant the garlic in hopes of getting lots of garlic. It’s too precious too eat.

1 Response to “Seeds for My Garden? A Trip to the Market.”

  1. 1 ManoDogs May 8, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    Yes, it’s gotten absolutely ridiculous. They’re rioting in some parts of the world, but I don’t think we’ll see that anytime real, real soon… maybe in LA.

    I have honestly gotten to where I don’t even do The Big Shopping Trip anymore – or at least haven’t the past several months; I literally wait until I need something, and when I go for that, I check out whatever’s on-sale and pick up a few things.

    As a bachelor, I’ve always done the Crock-pot thing and made larger meals so I have leftovers for the rest of the week, but it’s gotten so that I’m seriously considering sitting down each month and writing-up an actual meal-planner so I know I’ll have food ready to go throughout the month. The only thing stopping me, also due to my bachelorhood, is the fact that I doubt I’d actually follow it, so it’d just be a waste of time and paper.

    It goes hand-in-hand with how I’ve managed to stock my kitchen with all the staples and basics (flour, meal, baking powder – everything you need to make Real Meals From Scratch) but never do…

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