May Day!

This letter appeared in one of the weekly papers here and I’ve been laughing so hard so distracted by it, I’ve been unable to accomplish anything else:

Take the ‘sex’ out of ‘Middlesex County’

I would like to urge lawmakers, senators and other politicians if they can think about changing the name of Middlesex County to “Middle County” instead of keeping it as Middlesex. The word “sex” in the current name looks weird and does not look appropriate in our society.

Someone actually wrote that.

The county of which this individual speaks takes its name from the original Middlesex in England. I don’t wish to live in “Middle” county. If he’s offended by the name, he can MOVE elsewhere. Perhaps Intercourse, PA.

Not Middlesex, Actually Union

1 Response to “May Day!”

  1. 1 spizzerinktum May 8, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaawww! (That last part was a kind of howl/squonk.) I can’t believe that the county in which I spent my formative years has gotten even dumber. At the same time, I wonder what took so long.

    This sketchblog is ADORABLE.

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