One of Two New ACEOs in my Etsy Shop

Culture Exisits ACEOIn the brief moments I’ve had to get out, I’ve been quite inspired. I feel a bit like I’m drowning in ideas and I can’t work fast enough to get them all down on paper.

The other night I took a break from work, stepped out my studio-office door, just to stand in the freezing darkness of my soggy back garden. The sky was dark blue and the stars (there were so many) seemed brighter than usual. They were putting on a show just for me and in that neon moment, my cartoon alter-ego said, “Go paint something and have fun.” And so, I did.

If you’d like it, click on it…



1 Response to “One of Two New ACEOs in my Etsy Shop”

  1. 1 kris March 14, 2008 at 3:25 am

    fond of that face. it kinda harkens back to SchoolHouseRock kids or those 70’s illustrations for juices or candy or whatever was later proven to not really be nutritious. all that sweetness, with a side of sticker stars, doled on top of some newsprint (?)– well i’m a fan!

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