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Make Way for the Mermaid Parade

Have you heard of it?

Every year in June, in Coney Island, NY there is a Mermaid Parade!

I remember going to Coney as a kid, with my parents, but alas there were no mermaids then. Just a half-defunct boardwalk and amusement park. Maybe folks just didn’t know how to have a good time back then. They were too busy wearing polyester suits, bad sideburns and gameshow hairdos.

Do you live near NYC? Did you ever dream of being a mermaid? Well then, let’s go! We can all be mermaids for a day!

I know it’s barely April, it’s dreary and June is a long way off, but we can dream, can’t we?

Monsters for sale in my Etsy Shop!

one-eyed monsterIt’s been another really creative week here. I’ve been making things with monster images.

Over-extending myself has had interesting benefits. I’ve finally been sleeping deeply enough to have weird dreams. Some of them have featured interesting characters, some of which have been big, hairy monsters.

The monsters in my dreams sometimes go food shopping, meet for coffee, or gather in bars for drinks. They have jobs, they go skating, they don’t wear ties.

No, I don’t watch TV.

IF: Pet Peeves

Being a parent has made me hypersensitive to the abundance of foul language spoken (often loudly) amongst the general public. I know my very observant youngster is probably taking notes on possible spellings, correct usage, who it will offend most, how loud to scream it in a place of worship, etc.


A Day at the Museum

Calendar Says Spring…

weather says otherwise. Someone should tell the birds. They’re busy singing opera.

Worried Cat With Floral Wallpaper

wallcat.jpgA neighbor has two orange kitties. Sometimes we see them in the window when we walk past. I saw them about a week ago and can’t stop seeing little cartoon movies of them in my mind.

Answer to the Question of the Week

Q: Do you guys WALK everywhere?

A: We try to.

It seems silly to use the car to walk to school because we frequently walk into town and that’s further. Unless, of course, the weather is particularly unforgiving. That’s only happened 3 times (since September).

We’re lucky to live in a central location, where it is possible to walk to the train, shopping, school. Plus, I’d like to think that with what we save on gas, we could get some pizzas.

Hey, Mrs. Eliot Spitzer

I only know what I read in the papers, but if what I’ve been reading has any accuracy, then you ought to know that I feel you deserve better.

He may be a devoted father, a loving son and at times he may have been a good husband to you.  I’m just speculating…

You deserve better.

NYC Night!

I went to a Parsons alumni event last night. It was held in the main gallery at Society of Illustrators. I saw many people I knew, both from S.I. and school. Others looked familiar, and I think they may have been some of my former students.

Things are changing in the world of illustration. That’s not news to me, but it was great to hear other illustrators (who aren’t the ones I have coffee or beer with) talking about it too. Since I became a mom, I don’t pop in to the city all the time the way I used to (yet). Last night brought it all back. It was an inspiring way to top off a really tasty, creative week.

The true highlight, of course, was the adventure of getting there. There are some aspects of the commute that I do not miss. Well, sort of:

subway sketch

I need to get out more.
Excitement level: 9 million times better than doing laundry.

One of Two New ACEOs in my Etsy Shop

Culture Exisits ACEOIn the brief moments I’ve had to get out, I’ve been quite inspired. I feel a bit like I’m drowning in ideas and I can’t work fast enough to get them all down on paper.

The other night I took a break from work, stepped out my studio-office door, just to stand in the freezing darkness of my soggy back garden. The sky was dark blue and the stars (there were so many) seemed brighter than usual. They were putting on a show just for me and in that neon moment, my cartoon alter-ego said, “Go paint something and have fun.” And so, I did.

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